The Workhouse Week (25th Feb 18)

So, as we’re writing this we’re 24 days from the launch of the Kickstarter for The Awful Orphanage. There’s a lot of strange feelings floating about. We’re equal parts terrified and excited as this 18 month chapter is coming to a close.

What began as a little idea Tim had at the back of his mind has grown into something that we never could have envisioned. I still remember sitting with Tim nattering about all things weird and wonderful, when he mentioned this character he was thinking about called ‘The Gaunt and Sinister Man’. We sat there for hours talking about him, and how he haunted a Victorian Orphanage, feeding on the souls of children. From there The Awful Orphanage began it’s weird journey,

Originally called ‘Ms. Prendergast’s Home for Wayward Children’, the game was a place where we could put all of the things we thought were cool and ultimately create a board game we wanted to play, and that is where we find ourselves now. We had grand ideas of the game being played over a multi level board with locking and unlocking doors, statistics and more!

As we went along we realised that 99% of the ideas we had for the game were either too complicated or absolutely useless and that we wanted to create a game that people could sit down and get all of their frustrations out with a fun, spooky tabletop game. The game was originally designed as a fully cooperative experience, although once we got down to playing the game it became apparent that there were mechanics we could use to make the game devious and create those ‘water-cooler’ moments that people always blither on about.

So over the span of eight months or so, the first version of (now re-titled) Awful Orphanage came into being. There’s so many mechanics that we removed because they just weren’t fun and at the end of it we’ve got a game we all love. Can’t you tell we’re stupidly proud?

So … here we are, less than a month away from launch and it’s all starting to feel a bit real. We’ve got factories in place, rules designed, miniatures sculpted, dice created and artwork drawn. It’s all in place, and we’re ready to go, and it’s terrifying!

Neil made a really important remark about all of this …

I was listening to an interview with a former Olympic champion the other day and she was saying about how she’d given people competing at the winter Olympics the advice to keep a diary about everything because it happens so quickly and its so much to process that you need a way of organising your thoughts. I think it’s sound advice for this as well.

So that’s what we’re doing … forgive our blitherings but we wanted to create a decent set of memories!