The Workhouse Week (18th March 18)

Well, it’s officially the week where we press the button and put The Awful Orphanage out for the world to see, it’s a been a hell of a ride so far!

This week you’ve (hopefully) seen the upgraded sculpts that we’re including with every copy of the core game. When we announced Alyce, we received an e-mail from a sculptor who was offering advice on the miniatures and how we could improve them. His suggestions were so good that we couldn’t turn it down, and the new miniatures are so much nicer that it ended up being one of the best decisions we’ve made … if only it had happened months earlier! C’est la vie! Take a look at them below …

We still have four (or is it five?) things left to complete for the Kickstarter page including a really cool achievement section with some nice fun little elements, if you want a heads up then you’ll need to get your crayons at the ready! We’ve got some amazing quotes from luminary games developers such as Mark Latham, Graham McNeill and Gav Thorpe too so all in all we’re almost ready, and it’s still as terrifying as it was a week ago.

One of the biggest things to happen this week was the finalisation of the logistics for the game. This is now locked down and ready to go with the fantastic help of the guys and gals at GamesQuest we’re now able to offer really great rates of shipping to each and every backer. GamesQuest have been responsible for some of the larger kickstarter games and we’ve previously backed the projects they’ve dealt with so we know they’re good! The best outcome of this is that we can offer friendly shipping to the US, UK, EU, Australia and Canada! Happy days!

So here’s to a furious set of days before launch, thank you for all of your support … honestly it’s amazing!