The Workhouse Week (11th March 18)

11 days … 11 bloody days and we go live! How the hell did that happen? I’m sat here at the moment looking at ordering polo shirts with the Workhouse Games logo on them for a livestream that’s going to be happening really soon!

This week has been quite an exciting one and we’ve been heavily in talks with some rather awesome people who have been pushing the game and concept even further than before. Whilst this has meant a few little changes, it’s nothing mechanic-wise and everything story-wise that leads us into the next game that we’re already planning … what’s it about you ask? You shall find out soon!

The reveal of Alyce as a free bonus miniature went rather silly and we received more enquiries about The Awful Orphanage due to her than before. So much so, we thought we’d change the time limited offer to one where if we are fully funded in 24 hours, everybody gets Alyce for free! This idea was suggested to us via e-mail and we immediately thought it was wonderful! This way it really does feel like we’re all in this together to get the game funded.

So … what’s left to do before launch?

Well we have one more scene to finish on the trailer and then it’s over to me for the foley work needed to make everything sound (hopefully) lovely! There are a few small graphics for the kickstarter campaign and a lot more e-mailing and speaking to too many people to count!

Honestly, this has been a wild ride so far and we’re just getting started … let the countdown begin!