The Awful Orphanage Core Game


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The Awful Orphanage is a mildly evil tabletop game for 1 to 6 players that sees you and your friends navigating winding corridors and rooms, search for items, dodging orderlies and running from the nefarious Gaunt & Sinister Man all whilst searching for one of the hidden Magical Talismans to free yourself from this macabre prison!

Will you work together and give everyone a chance to escape? Or are you just playing along until you can be sure of your victory, and leave your friends behind …

The core game includes

  • Unique Magnetised Board
  • Corridor & Room Tiles
  • Orderlies, Gaunt & Sinister Man and Standard D6
  • Loot Tokens
  • Stuff Cards

and every Bonus miniature that was unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign! Any items marked as an add-on during the campaign are not available as part of the core game.

Please be aware that this game is currently in production and is being shipped from China to logistics centres in your country. As such, you should not encounter any customs duties in most countries. However, we can not be held responsible for your local delivery company and their fees.

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