The Awful Orphanage (Kickstarter Edition) Board Game


This item will be released March 14, 2019.

Available for pre-ordering


The Awful Orphanage is a mildly evil tabletop game for 1 to 6 players that sees you and your friends navigating winding corridors and rooms, search for items, dodging orderlies and running from the nefarious Gaunt & Sinister Man all whilst searching for one of the hidden Magical Talismans to free yourself from this macabre prison!

Will you work together and give everyone a chance to escape? Or are you just playing along until you can be sure of your victory, and leave your friends behind …

The core game includes

  • Unique Magnetised Board
  • Corridor & Room Tiles
  • Orderlies, Gaunt & Sinister Man and Standard D6
  • Loot Tokens
  • Stuff Cards

and every Bonus miniature that was unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign! Any items marked as an add-on during the campaign are not available as part of the core game.

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