The Pact Limited Edition Diorama


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The Pact is one of the key moments in The Hollow Earth. The first meeting of a young Elspeth Prendergast and the Gaunt & Sinister Man.

This diorama comes in five pieces and is available in strictly limited numbers. Hand-cast in the UK and hand checked to ensure each piece is perfect, this beautiful limited edition resin display piece comes complete with a hand numbered postcard print signed by Paul and Tim of Workhouse Games!

Each Diorama box includes …

  • Limited Edition 5 Piece Diorama in High Quality Resin
  • Limited Edition post card print, hand numbered and signed
  • Hollow Seal Vinyl Sticker
  • Workhouse Games Sticker
  • Limited Edition 50g bag of Workhouse Games Humbugs!

The Diorama measures 77.25mm x 86.665mm x 98.415mm

Grab one of these limited edition diorama’s before they’re gone for good as once we hit 300 sales that’s it! These are being shipped independently of the Awful Orphanage game and as such will arive beforehand!


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