The Awful Orphanage

1 to 6 players

30 to 90 minutes

Suitable for 12+


Welcome to the Awful Orphanage

The Awful Orphanage is a mildly devious tabletop game for 2 to 6 players that sees you and your friends taking on the dark magics of Ms. Prendergast and the evil Gaunt & Sinister Man inside the Home for Wayward Children.

Take control of a unique Orphan and navigate the ever changing rooms and corridors of Ms. Prendergast’s Home for Wayward Children uncovering loot, avoiding orderlies and escaping from the nefarious Gaunt & Sinister Man!

Players take it in turns searching rooms in the hope of finding one of the hidden magical items with which you will free yourself from the Orphanage and end the reign of terror.

Use items including Pots & Pans, Bricks and Bottles to fight the Orderlies then ruin your friends turn with tricks including Bags of Marbles and Itching Powder all whilst dodging the Orphanage employees! Whatever you do, always look over your shoulder when trying to escape The Awful Orphanage!

Create a Unique Orphanage each time you play!

Using the  room and corridor tiles you are able to create millions of possible combinations to create a different Orphanage each time you play the game. From the haunting Chamber of the Gaunt & Sinister Man to the Orderlies Rest Room, placement is key as it could mean you trip up your friends as they’re exploring the Orphanage searching for the magical items too!

Search the Orphanage and find the magical items!

Each room of The Awful Orphanage could contain a host of loot that you can pick up and use during your quest. Items such as Roller Skates, Itching Powder and Bags of Marbles can send your “friends” skedaddling in directions they didn’t want to go, or worse … into the hands of the Orderlies or the Gaunt & Sinister Man!

But be careful, searching a room can also uncover some of the Orphanage’s lesser horrors such as The Creepy Clown Kid, Matron, a hidden Orderly or even summon the Gaunt & Sinister Man and if that happens then you better be ready for a scrap!

Each of Orphans is looking for the Magical Trinkets that are imbued with the true name of The Gaunt & Sinister Man. A magic that will break the curse and put an end to their nightmare! Once you have one of these objects it’s time to run to Ms. Prendergast’s office to win the game!

The downside is that your “friends” might be able to see through your poker face and will use all the tricks in the book to stop you and send you back to the Attic Bedroom … trust no one and always look over your shoulder when playing The Awful Orphanage.

Game Highlights

Beautiful Backstabbing Fun: Use the stuff you find in the Orphanage to scupper your opponents chances of winning!

A Chilling Atmosphere: The hand-drawn artwork of The Awful Orphanage has been created to capture the dark, brooding themes of the game and enmesh the players in the experience.

Beautiful miniatures: 14 miniatures are supplied with the game (with alternate sculpts available) cast in one-piece PVC plastic and come with 32mm round lipped bases for use in other tabletop skirmish games.

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