Community FAQ

Our FAQ page is community submitted, please use the form to your right to send your questions to us and we’ll get them answered … no matter how daft!

1 x Pockets
1 x Lickety
1 x Duffer
1 x Verity
1 x Twins
1 x Prof
1 x Alyce
1 x Locke
1 x Flo
1 x Olyver
6 x Orderlies
1 x Gaunt & Sinister Man
1 x Mrs. Prendergast
1 x Creepy Clown Kid
70 x Corridors
26 x Room Tiles
57 x Stuff Cards
4 x Talisman Cards
69 x Loot Tokens
14 x Orphan Information Cards
1 x Orderly Dice
1 x GSM Dice
2 x Six Sided Dice
1 x Rulebook
1 x Game Board
1 x Player Token

1 x Rollo
1 x Bill & Sykes
1 x Orphan Information Card
36 x Event Cards
24 x Spooked Tokens
1 x Rulebook

Other than summon the Gaunt & Sinister Man and kill poor hapless Orphans? Oh … you mean in the game …

In the core game she sits in her office and awaits her demise. However in the expansion ‘The Orphanage Awakes’ one player gets to be her and control the Orphanage via a powerful Events deck!

Unfortunately not … that would make him way too fast!

No. The Attic Bedroom is the one room of solace for our Orphans.