The Pocket Watch and the Flower

Mary ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She could feel her ankle socks slipping down with every quickened step she took. “Prof told me it was here yesterday” she thought to herself as her eyes darted from door to door.

The previous evening, Mary was laying in bed when Prof peered over her covers with an excited look in his eyes.

“I’ve read about this, I’m sure of it.” He said, “My father had a book about what we’ve been experiencing and I’m sure this man we keep hearing about has a weak spot. You remember that pocket watch we found, I think that might be it … we need to get our hands on it again but we need to do it quickly. Time is ticking …”

So Mary tasked herself with finding the Pocket Watch that had been stashed in what remained of the Nursery. The problem was she couldn’t find the room, and had been searching for what seemed like hours. She turned corner after corner and saw a door in front of her at the end of a long corridor.

“That has to be it” she thought to herself and quickened her pace. She flung the door open and stopped in her tracks the moment her eyes became accustomed to the green hue of the room. The walls were daubed with indecipherable writing and there on the floor was an enormous symbol, one she remembered the Prof drawing on the back of a piece of cardboard.

“If you ever see that,” she remembered the Prof saying ” it’s bad … run the other way as quick as possible.” Mary couldn’t, she was frozen to the spot. Her eyes widened as the mysterious symbol in the floor began to glow, it’s green light rising and falling as if it were … alive. Terror gripped her entire body and as much as she tried to will her legs to move, they didn’t. The focus of the green light was coalescing into a shape in the centre of the room. Whatever it was, it was big.

The shape grew, stretching and contorting into a towering figure which turned its newly formed head so that its eyes locked onto Mary. A wry grin appearing over the thin lips covering what looked like sharp teeth.

Before Mary could even realise what was happening, she had been lifted from her feet and was being carried at a fair pace down the corridor and into the dining hall. The door slammed behind her and she found herself thrust underneath one of the dining tables. A tall child pulled himself close to her and smiled. He opened the lapel of his jacket and took out a flower, offering it to Mary. Instantly she felt calmed, safe. Although she couldn’t be sure just who her saviour was, he hadn’t been in the Attic Bedroom the night before.

“Just take the damn flower, he’ll only keep offering it to you” the boy seemed to speak without moving his lips. “We’ve got you. You’re safe … for now.”