Hello Internets!

Welcome to our little corner of the web, we are Workhouse Games a four-man independent board and tabletop games publisher.¬†Born in 2017, Workhouse Games was created to publish Paul and Tim’s own series of games, but since then we have continued to offer our services, expertise and knowledge to other first time creators who want to create a board game or book.

Workhouse’s team includes a bunch of enthusiastic chaps with lots of experience in the fields of games design and web-based entrepreneurship. As well as designing our own products, we aim to support and advise any company that can benefit from our experience and skills through consultancies, commissions, joint-ventures, etc.

We all wear bloody glasses!

  • Tim
    Tim Creative Director
  • Simon
    Simon Art Director
  • Paul
    Paul Creative Director
  • Neil
    Neil Director of Business Development

We also work with these wonderful humans …

  • Gav Thorpe
    Gav Thorpe Author & World Builder
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